7 Tips on How to Market Your Burger Restaurant

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Even if you don’t really fancy these flavor-packed sandwiches, you have to admit that burgers being advertised everywhere nowadays are so mouthwatering that they’re quite hard to resist. Content Marketing for food works slightly differently but its essential aspects remain the same. Read on to find out how to content market your new burger business.

Get everyone in your whole company involved

Structure your company in a way that provides employees incentives for them to perform better. Reward your employees with benefits or extra bonuses if they go beyond the minimum of what’s required of them. You could incentivize them to contribute ideas to market your products better and not leave it all to social media marketers.

Be creative and find new ways to market your burgers

Since burgers are a very casual food, you’ve got a lot more room for creativity when marketing your burgers. There’s no need to stick to traditional and old-school ways of marketing them. An example of this is sharing behind-the-scenes video clips of your burger-making process. You can also take a cue from coffee shops as some coffee shops include barista profiles on their websites to engage customers and make them think more fondly of your food products. Up-close shots of the patties can also entice customers to try your food right away.

Check-ins are helpful

Use an app such as Foursquare, which is a search-and-discovery smartphone app that offers personalized recommendations of establishments within the vicinity and based on previously visited places. Check-ins from Foursquare will help put your restaurant on the digital map. Since this can be valuable for your business’s visibility, you’d be wise to encourage this so it would be a good idea for you to offer special deals and coupons to people who check in your restaurant.

Integrate with OpenTable

OpenTable is arguably the most popular of the different companies offering restaurant reservation systems. OpenTable allows customers to book reservations conveniently and these would show up on your reservation system at the restaurant. OpenTable is integrated with Google so whenever a customer sees your burger business online, they could just click on the button near the name on Google.

Always highlight seasonal specials

Since restaurants don’t have a set period when they’re offering new specials, specials on the menu might not be advertised well enough. You can update your social media pages with seasonal menu updates depending on how often you add a special to your menu. This helps you to get more people to know of your new burgers without them having even been to your restaurant.

Start a blog about your burgers

Blogging could feel like new and unfamiliar territory, especially when it comes to burger restaurants but it’s worth getting into as blogs are a very useful form of marketing food. You can blog about any topic related to your restaurant and a blog serves as some sort of integrative platform for all the tips above. Some examples of topics you can talk about on the blog are restaurant history, facts, advocacies, recipes, and even events. Additionally, you should also write your content based on the type of customers your burger place caters to. Millennials? Families? Students? Tailor it to what they want. Don’t forget to also share the links regularly to your social media pages.

Make it simple but great

A burger is a beloved dish for everyone. Focus on marketing it in a way that everyone would understand. Be creative with new recipes but never over-complicate the image of your burgers. For most people, a burger is a delicious dish of meat in between buns and a few ingredients. Simple, but delicious.

Diving into uncharted territory?

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