Finding solutions is not hard when you know where to look!

Entrepreneur’s Corner is intended to be a resource for fellow entrepreneurs and business professionals. This is a place to share your story; to own your entrepreneurial journey and inspire a new generation of budding business owners and professionals.  Most entrepreneurs go through the process of setting up their businesses with no shortage of problems besetting them on all sides. Many think they’re the only ones to actually go through such problems, and so they try to solve them internally. Attempting to solve problems on your own is definitely an admirable quality in an entrepreneur, but is also a waste of time when you can easily see how other people solved the issues and copy them. 

In business, every small win is important. But the time spent in getting each win is important too, maybe more so. The faster you can make these wins happen, the quicker you can position your business for greater success. Let this be a helpful guidebook to quickly overcome the problems that you will likely come across in your journey.

For budding entrepreneurs, use this resource to learn how successful business owners and professionals got to where they are today. For established business owners and professionals, share your wisdom and let your experiences light the path for those coming after you. We grow as one. That is what CM Tribe is all about. 

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  • My first foray into entrepreneurship 
  • So you want to be a freelancer 
  • Making the transition to business owner 
  • Funding your startup 
  • Registering your business 
  • Networking 

Why Share Your Story?

Well, why not? Your story is a valid reflection of how far you’ve come. It’s proof that even when the odds were not in your favor, you stood your ground and came out on top. This is worth celebrating. It is worth sharing. 

People need to know that there are solutions to every problem they will likely face in business. And if they can be inspired by your stories to solve their problems, then you, my friend, are a true entrepreneur. 

Other benefits include: 

Build your professional online presence

Your author profile on link is more than enough to kickstart your professional online presence. The stories that you post here are a true reflection of your experiences and competencies. Plus, they’re unique and therefore more engaging to people who may be interested in working with you. This makes them even more valuable than the traditional cover letter.  

Build more meaningful relationships 

Because you’re speaking from personal experience, it’s a lot easier for people to relate with you. Emotional conviction is a key part of the decision-making process. What better way to achieve that than to give people a glimpse into your background and the convictions that drive how you do business? 

These stories help you create a personal connection with your readers, which in turn, help form stronger, meaningful working relationships. 

Enjoy resulting benefits of being in the CM Tribe community 

Whatever connections you make as a result are yours to profit from. Someone is inspired by your story and needs a mentor? You can set it up in the most convenient way with each other. Someone loves the quality of your writing and wants to hire your professional services? Or perhaps someone reaches out to you to collaborate on a mutually beneficial project. You and they set your own terms.

Free to Post

We welcome every story from our ever-vibrant community. CM Tribe does not charge for the privilege of sharing your knowledge and keen insights with others. And so all submissions, provided they meet the requirements, are 100% FREE to post. 

We grow as one 

For freelancers and independent contractors, if your writing is excellent, we’ll connect you to our clients so you can land yourself a stable gig. CM Tribe currently caters to the following industries: 

  • Small business management 
  • Freelancing 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Finance and Investing 
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies 
  • eCommerce 
  • Rank and Rent Businesses 
  • Local and International Travel 
There are tons of subcategories under each main industry. If you have a genuine passion for creating content (text, graphic designs, video, etc) for any of these industries, share your story with us. Show us that you’ve got what it takes to earn top dollar and we’ll let you work with our top-dollar clients. We grow as one. 

Submission Rules 

Obviously, we value every lesson that you can share with our community. But at the same time, we’re looking for a very specific type of format. 
  1. The post must be about a particular business challenge you faced and how you overcame it. At the end of each post, please create a “Lessons I Learned” section with a quick summary of the main takeaways of your story. 
  2. Write in first person POV. We don’t want listicle (how-to, quick guides, top tips, etc) type articles. We want raw stories of how you triumphed in the face of despair in business. If there are aspects that are too personal, feel free to leave them out, but the main lesson(s) should shine through. 
  3. For first-time submissions, please include a brief author profile. Nothing too in-depth. Just general information about you and your business and how people can connect with you. That being said, if you prefer to remain anonymous, we shall honor your request. 
  4. You are in charge of making sure your posts are grammatically correct from start to finish. This is an avenue to share your story with the world. Make sure you give them the right impression.

Ideas are common. It’s the will to execute them that counts. Entrepreneurship is not something I ever saw myself doing. At age