When it comes to content marketing and SEO for financial services, it’s extremely important to be strategic with your approach. It’s not just about the usual keyword research and lengthy text-based content. Yes, those are important too, but finance and investment topics are generally complex, and so they need to be broken down in a way that people can easily understand them. 

Another critical consideration is that finance, especially personal finance, is rarely talked about. Many people tend to view such topics as some taboo because everyone wants to keep their personal finance life private. 

Everyone should know about finance and investing!

Another critical consideration is that finance, especially personal finance, is rarely talked about. Many people tend to view such topics as some taboo because everyone wants to keep their personal finance life private. 

But here’s the thing, finance and investing are things that apply to everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, or location. These topics deserve to be talked about the same way we talk about other all-encompassing stuff like food and shelter. 

That’s our aim here at CM Tribe. We are a content marketing company with a special focus on financial services as we believe this industry is beneficial to all humans across the globe. Everyone should at least have an idea of how finance and investments work. 

According to a study, 4 in 5 youths failed a simple financial literacy quiz. These youths (aged 18 to 34 years) are the next generation of consumers. If they’re having a hard time grasping simple financial concepts and making smart decisions with their finances, chances are they will have a hard time understanding your company’s financial services. 

Financial literacy is important to us as a tribe. As such, when we do content marketing for your financial services, we’re doing it out of genuine interest. This means we go above and beyond to ensure proper understanding of what financial services you offer. 

The biggest barrier to entry is knowledge; knowledge is therefore the solution too!

The simple question to ask is why do people refuse to engage with financial products and services? Online currencies, including cryptocurrencies, are probably one of the best examples of hesitant investment coming from the general population. It symbolizes the general aversion towards products that are largely new and “untested”. 

The top reasons why people are not financially literate and hardly invest stem predominantly from misconceptions about financial investment. 

  1. Timing the market. The phrase buy-low-sell-high is something that people tend to overthink. Hence, they spend an eternity before waiting for the lowest dip that a potentially valuable stock or product could take and wait for the peak to sell it. This rarely happens and it’s better to buy or sell beside but not directly during those extremes.
  2. Aversion to risks. Investing is popularly lucrative, but it is also popularly risky. Big losses are practically everywhere in the mass media and this tends to scare people. However, it must be remembered that big crises are rare and boom and bust cycles do exist.
  3. Intimidating industry. Smart investment requires a lot of market research, people need to constantly pay attention to cues about which stocks will go up or plummet. Moreover, getting into what variables to research and where to start is already difficult for a lot of starters.
  4. Comfortability with a savings account. Relatively low risks are dished out and there is little effort involved when you’re just expecting your money to grow in a savings account. However, there’s too little revenue from this as opposed to low-risk investments.
  5. Waiting for a higher salary. Because of the inherent risks associated with investments, it seems as if a lot of people wait for their nearing retirement age to invest. Which is counterintuitive if one wants to earn a lot of money from investing.

From these, we can see that people do have a lot of misconceptions and a hard time grasping their way around investment. Moreover, they aren’t wrong in believing the risks that are attached to it. Mistakes can be very costly especially when investing in high-risk-high-reward sorts of products and services.

This is a problem that is pretty clear to a lot of people. That is why there are tons upon tons of videos and advertisements that seek to make investment easier through methods like copy trading, taking cues from known investors, or educating people on what to look out for. Content like this is what gets people to opt into various products and services in the financial industry.

Content marketing, furthermore, is what people will gravitate towards as there are still a lot of interested people who want to learn about investment through accessible means. Luckily, the internet has allowed this to happen. 

Our approach to content marketing and SEO for financial services

The are three main channels to utilize when it comes to business content marketing:

  • Text
  • Infographics
  • Video

Each of these mediums is useful in boosting exposure for your financial services company across the web.

Text-based content marketing

For instance, text-based articles and blogs are great for your website content, as well as for guest posts. This allows your company to make its mark to keyword optimizations and backlinking, both of which are crucial to the success of any SEO strategy.

Infographics and digital graphic designs marketing

Infographics and digital graphic designs are classified as visual content and are great for immediately capturing attention. More importantly, they can convey information quickly. That’s what makes them so ideal for social media content, email marketing, and other related marketing channels.

Online video marketing

Videos are top tier because they combine both informational content with audiovisual functionality. You can use them on your website, on social media, on video-sharing platforms, and even on community forums. Videos are great for content marketing in the financial space because they can quickly break down the usual industry jargon and allow people to quickly get the message.
Here’s an example of video content marketing where we explain what the stock market is all about and why everyone should know about it.

What about SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is central to all our content marketing strategies. When you sign up with us, we first conduct a thorough keyword research and website audit to ensure your online presence is up to par with industry best practices.

We’ll identify six to twelve relevant keywords for your financial services, which we then optimize consistently in all monthly publications for your business. Over time, you’ll start to rank for these keywords while also expanding your marketing reach through our other content marketing mediums.

The best part is SEO for video content marketing is not yet as competitive as regular SEO, meaning you have a better chance of driving quality organic traffic and improving your customer base through the videos that we publish for your brand. More importantly, video content drives more engagement than any other content marketing medium, which is a crucial SEO ranking factor.

How do I make a competitive content marketing strategy for my finance business?

  1. Cut the fat (Go straight to the point) 
    Added fluff does not really benefit anyone. In fact, in a world of information, people are actively looking for content that is relevant to what they’re looking for from the get-go. It’s important to be straight to the point as people do not want to waste time.
  2. Produce targeted content.
    The financial industry is vast. Hence, catering to every single type of consumer out there is impossible. You have to know who your buyer personas are and create carefully crafted content that caters to what they need.
  3. Make information bite-sized, compelling, and entertaining.
    Lastly, the difference between your content and the competitor’s is not only the quality of information but the delivery of it. You have to create content with the audience in mind. Ask, “If I were reading this, would I immediately understand it?”. That means cutting unnecessary jargon and complicated explanations. It makes it easier to absorb and take in information if it doesn’t feel like a chore.

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