5 Tips for Excellent Social Media Content Marketing Management

It goes without saying that social media plays a huge role in content marketing today. Most huge companies always have a social media presence and this is because it builds them a great relationship with their target market. Because there are so many social media platforms today, most companies will have to have multiple accounts across the internet and sometimes more than one account on the same platform. It’s not just big companies but small companies might need to have several accounts as well and this is where it gets challenging to manage them. This has led to entire positions dedicated to managing them known as the social media manager. It might not sound that difficult but regularly posting and monitoring social media accounts can be more challenging than one might think. Read on to be prepared to overcome the different challenges!

1. Always think ahead with a strategy

Before you begin your week or month, set aside some time to come up with a game plan for the week or month. Whether you’d prefer to use a task list, ideas list, or a social media calendar, using any tool like this would make you much more efficient. If your business would benefit a lot from certain seasons or holidays like Valentine’s Day or World Burger Day, make sure to coordinate and plan this with your office. When it comes to social media management, planning ahead is crucial.

2. Build a repository of original photos

If you plan out your content at the beginning of the week or the month, you should also plan out the photos that would go alongside them. It’s no secret that social media is dominated by imagery and logically, you’d want to use a lot of photos with your content. It’s sometimes tempting to just use stock photos since they’re versatile and easier, right? Nope! Not only are they not creative, but they also get reused often by several companies. Before you’ll even need photos, it’s smart to already have a repository in case you’d need them. Snap some photos during team building or even everyday activities. Original content will make you stand out to your target market.

3. Determine which sites are your primary

If your company has a presence across several platforms, your time, manpower, and budget can get stretched too thin. Some platforms are better for certain products and you need to decide which platform is more ideal for the objective you’re trying to hit. For instance, if you think your products will be marketed better with photos, Instagram is a good choice. Identify these few sites or platforms and focus a lot of energy on them. This choice should be based on your goals.

4. Don’t forget about other sites

Just because you’ve got your primary ones, it doesn’t mean you forget about the others. Regularly publish on your secondary ones albeit on a less frequent basis than the primary ones as these can still bring you some benefit. You can reuse content with a bit of tweaking from your primary platforms. Always update them and stay current.

5. Automation is your friend

Save time and streamline some repetitive tasks by using tools built for social media marketing. As discussed in previous articles, scheduling posts is pretty much the norm with companies who post regularly in huge numbers. Some tools that can help you out are Tweetdeck, MeetEdgar, and Sprout Social. Some platforms are owned by the same companies and they’re integrated with each other. If not, you can post on 2 different platforms using automation like posting the same thing on Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Management doesn’t have to be tiring!

Even for experienced social media managers, the sheer number of platforms can be overwhelming. If you’re new to this, you can definitely use some guidance. Managing content on social media is one thing, but it’s another thing to be able to market effectively as well! CM Tribe is here to help because our team is experienced in that!

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