4 Tips to take advantage of TikTok

Tiktok has skyrocketed to mainstream relevance in the past few years. With nothing short of 100 million active users in the United States, it has become the new Snapchat or Twitter, in terms of its relevance to younger users. You as a marketer should be paying attention to Tik Tok because of its good potential in engagement rates. As we’ve always said, it’s always important to be updated with the trends but Tiktok can seem like a new and unfamiliar platform especially when you don’t understand its algorithm. The TikTok algorithm used to be a mystery, but it’s becoming more discernible. Reach a wider audience with Tiktok from these tips:

1. Stitch videos

TikTok has a new feature called Stitch videos that allow you to take a part of someone else’s Tik Tok video and use it on your own TikTok video, where you can then add your own ending. Using this can create a potentially endless loop of sharing and engagement, provided it gets viral enough. Even if your video is only mildly popular, the engagement you get has the potential to be high as it just gets shared more and more while being part of someone else’s video. You can only clip a maximum of 5 seconds of a TikTok video to stitch with other video clips and this new stitched video with a popular video and your clip has a high likelihood of attracting shares.

2. Know your geographic setting

Even though the internet reaches everywhere, where you are still has a huge impact on how your content will perform. Like Facebook or Google, the algorithm in TikTok prioritizes videos in feeds within the user’s proximity. Additionally, know your target consumer’s time and location. Once you do, tweak your location setting so that TikTok will associate your content with their time and location.

3. Ride the Trends

Like any social media, trends are a good way to find popularity on TikTok. This can be in the form of challenges, memes, or any popular joke. Calvin Klein hopped on the Tiktok train and had celebrities flex their Calvin Klein underwears with the hashtag #MyCalvins. Shawn Mendes was one of those who appeared on TikTok to promote the brand. To do this for your brand, you should start by checking out the discovery tab where you’ll see what’s trending on the platform. Besides that, TikTok suggests popular hashtags and profiles that would show what’s currently trending. Sometimes, there’d be no trending topic for your industry and content but you can always start your own trend. Start your own challenge that could potentially be trending.

4. Start out with In-Feed Ads

Since ads fast-track you to marketing success on TikTok, it’s pretty much a no-brainer to invest money in them. There are a lot of different kinds of ads but assuming you’re a new business on TikTok, In-Feed ads are the best use of your money at this point. In-Feed ads allow you to put your video ads, which are set to auto-play, on your audiences’ “For You” page. These ads can even be liked, shared, and even commented on by users. The best thing about In-Feed ads is the fact that they come with a clickable CTA function which you can use to get the audience to visit your brand’s account profile or website.

Navigate through this new social platform with us!

Tiktok is a unique social platform that brought a new kind of content sharing for any consumer. Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook have all filled social media with presets and filters but this social platform attracts users who crave content that feels more authentic. Treading the unfamiliar platform and mastering the algorithm might require a bit of investment in time and effort but it would definitely pay off. Make sure your effort pays off by working with us at CM Tribe where we help your content spread further.

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