4 Content Marketing Tips for the Launch of Your Video Game

Like many media marketing campaigns, video game launches are often a great chance for a company to make an impact. But only 1 out of 10 games launched every year manage to capture an astonishing 90% of the video gaming industry revenue. Various reasons can be attributed to this and some of them are that the other games launched were too late in marketing or weren’t able to connect with the right target audience. The overarching solution to avoid being this is to improve your overall content marketing strategy. Here are some tips for your video game launch.

1. Leverage the marketing from influencers

A lot of industries are benefiting from influencers and the gaming industry is no different. As long as the influencer has genuine followers, using them for your marketing is sure to have a high rate of success. Gaming YouTube channels have been among the most popular channels on YouTube, based on subscriber count. PewDiePie, for a long time, had the most subscribers for an independent YouTube influencer, and his channel was focused on gaming. Most influencers from YouTube also have Twitch accounts and you should definitely take that into consideration. If your target market is active on a certain platform, be sure to work with the corresponding influencers on that platform. Consider organizing giveaways to your target audience through your influencers to help boost engagement.

2. Optimize marketing through social media

Social media is such an amazing tool for reaching anyone that it’s pretty much essential when it comes to online marketing. Refine your buyer personas and target market segments to reach the most amount of people as effectively as possible. Social media live streams on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch are an awesome way to build engagement by interacting with fans. Since most people who are playing your games tend to also have social media accounts, you should also promote your social media accounts within the game itself. Posting from within the game in order to find other friends who play the game is a brilliant idea as well. Most smartphone games do this and so do many handheld console games as well.

3. Post content on forums and answer questions

Internet forums have been one of the earliest platforms to exchange information on the world wide web. It’s a good place for discussions, debates, and overall information sources. As such, it’s one of the most ideal plans to improve your content marketing for brand awareness. As a video game company, you need to have a presence everywhere your audience is and the stronger, the better. Help them out with their concerns, suggestions, or questions. Gaming forums such as Reddit, IGN, Ubisoft forums, Blizzard forums, and The Verge are good choices of forums to help you get started.

4. Host competitions

Competitions can be done before or after the video game launches as they’re a great way to boost pre-orders or sales after launch. If done before, make sure to use a prequel of the same game. These can be a good way to increase engagement with your video game and even help sell merchandise. Additionally, get into contact with the finalists or the winner of the competition as they can be good brand endorsers. The Pokémon Company International hosts Pokémon Video Game Championships (VGC) and Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) every year to keep their fanbase interested.

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