Myths About Content Marketing in 2021

Let’s face it – there are a lot of people who are involved in Content Marketing who do not understand Content Marketing or are misinformed about it. It is not very surprising as there is a lot of misinformation out there. Content marketing is a business approach that involves publishing content that will increase sales. This is too important to get mixed up with misconceptions so read on below for some of the most common myths debunked.

1. Content Marketing is only ideal for some industries

The most likely origin for this myth is that only the information-based industries benefit from content marketing since looking up something and learning about the content is usually how audiences interact with the brands under this industry. The truth is, content marketing is not specific to any kind of business. There is no particular industry that is the most “ideally suited” for content marketing. Every industry can make good use of content marketing and it is highly recommended for any brand to think about how a content strategy could enhance their business. Any brand, experienced or new can produce great quality content.

2. Anything more than text content is unnecessary

When most people think about content marketing, it is quite likely for them to be thinking about an article or a blog post. This might have also been true a few decades ago. However, times are changing and businesses have to adapt to technology or consumer trends. Statistics of Facebook ads with visuals and those without clearly show that those with visuals are more effective in marketing the content of the brand. Video is overall better than every type of content on any platform. Combining video with text is one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience.

3. The more content, the better

Oftentimes, businesses think that producing content more frequently is better than less. That is not necessarily true and usually, it is the new brands that make this mistake. Quality is always better than quantity. As brands who make this mistake increase content frequency, the quality of the content also drops. Newer brands are even more susceptible to the drop in quality itself as they are more likely to have a small content team that would get stretched too thin. It stands to reason that when a small team with limited capacity is going for quantity, the quality of the content would inevitably be sacrificed.

4. Content Marketing is not useful because it does not deliver sales

This is the main reason businesses use to justify their choice to forego content marketing. If you think this to be true based on a conclusion that content marketing is not a good Return On Investment, it is easy to say that it does not contribute directly to sales and if so, why even invest in it? That is quite incorrect. Sales can be affected by a variety of factors and some of the actions taken by the brand can indirectly affect sales in the long run, a lot of which are not that obvious. Different content can have different benefits in the sales and marketing funnels. Therefore, not only can content marketing actually deliver sales, but it can also deliver benefits such as improved traffic and customer loyalty, But still, you should not focus on sales when growing your business. Sales are definitely important but there are more areas where a business can grow and in the end, translate to sales. Big companies like Apple or Nike push out content as it can truly help sales in the long run.

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